Mediation is a facilitative process where an impartial third party assists the parties in resolving their dispute. The mediator uses various techniques to help parties resolve the dispute. Instead of imposing a solution, a mediator helps parties come to a consensus of their own. However, in order for mediation to be successful it requires parties to be willing and committed to resolving the dispute. Mediation being a non-adversarial process can assist in rebuilding family relationships that had been previously strained by long and demanding court processes.

At Judy Thongori & Co. Advocates, we have undergone the required mediation training and are available to support clients.


Estate Planning 100%
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Litigation & Arbitration 100%
Mediation 100%
Parental Responsibility Agreements 100%
Child Custody Matters 100%
Pre-nuptial Agreements 100%
Divorce & Separation 100%
Division of Matrimonial Properties 100%