About our Successes


We have built a solid reputation over the years as a firm that specialises in family law and we are well known for our integrity and providing amicable solutions for clients.


Our vision is to continue to grow our name throughout the country and promote the need for more specialist family law firms since family is the fundamental unit of society.


To provide our clients with a best possible outcome for whatever issue they may be facing whether it be through litigation or mediation.

Key Areas of practice


a) Family Law 

We have a strong focus on family law and have expert and knowledgeable advocates who defend and guide our clients throughout the court process. We are able to make informed decisions based on our experience and develop a strategy to litigate even the most complicated disputes in court.



Mediation being a non-adversarial process, it can assist in rebuilding family relationships that had been previously strained by long and demanding court processes.

We have undergone the requisite mediation training and are available to support clients.


b) Property Law and Conveyancing

We are able to act for our clients in property transactions where necessary and can expertly guide them through the process.

We offer family law services in succession matters, matrimonial disputes, children’s matters, conveyancing and extensively use mediation as a tool for dispute resolution.



Our team has a wide range of experience and clients can be assured that they will get expert and well considered legal advice for their problems.



We know that family is the fundamental unit of society and approach all our cases with the care and integrity they deserve.